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About BRAF

A Rather Short History of a Really Long-Standing Art Foundation 

Boothbay Region Art Foundation, Inc.

A Non-profit Volunteer Organization

Foundation Board Members

Andie Elwell, President

Annette Stormont, Past president

Robin MacCready, Secretary

John Butke, Treasurer

Nancie Atwell

Wendy Bellows

Andre Benoit

Bruce Burnham

Clark Griffith

Susanlora Morris

George Paton

Susie Porter

Sarah Wilde

The Boothbay Region Art Foundation began when 26 Boothbay artists saw a need to leave a legacy to a region that had given them both inspiration and livelihood. In 1963, an auction was held on the library lawn and raised $1,700 to establish the Boothbay Region High School Scholarship Foundation.  The goal was to promote public interest in the arts, encourage visual arts in the local schools and raise funds to provide a scholarship for graduating students  pursuing further education in the visual arts. 

In 1965, with its original mission accomplished, the group expanded its mission to create opportunities for people of all ages to enjoy, learn from and participate in the visual arts."  The Boothbay Region Art Foundation began its current role as a 501{c}(3) organization. From 1966 through 1993, BRAF's gallery was located in the historic Brick House behind the House of Logan. In 1994, BRAF moved to 7 Townsend Avenue, where both sales and memberships increased. 
In 2006, the gallery moved to 1 Townsend Avenue, which provided another opportunity to increase membership and sales. Now, 59 years later, the Boothbay Region Art Foundation stands as a cultural pillar in the region.

BRAF's community outreach continues to include sponsoring the Annual Student Art Shows K-12 for two weeks in May/June exhibit, just prior to Memorial Weekend. We also award scholarships to graduating seniors, continuing their education in the visual arts.

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