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Recent Exhibitions

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2023-2024 BRAF's Annual Juried "ARTinME Showcase"

The juried ARTinME (Art in Maine) exhibition was the premier event of BRAF's 2023 season.  The show, juried by Diana Kerr, featured only large format artworks. It was so striking, unique, and rare to view the volume of impressive and sizable works presented at one time.  Quite a crowd gathered for the awards presentations to Carol Wiley, Doug Houle, Charlie Nowell, and Jeanne Ouellette.

2023 SEPTEMBER:   Exhibition by Foundation Members 

The September exhibit kicked off our Fall season with vibrant colors, crispness, variety, and a celebration of creativity.

2023 AUGUST:   Exhibition by Foundation Members for a Fall Kick-off

This August exhibit kicked off our Fall season with vibrant colors, crispness, variety, and a celebration of creativity.  

2023 JULY:   Showcase of BRAF Members' Artwork

The July show was notable for the particularly diverse and outstanding works including painting, photography, sculpture, ceramics, and mixed arts. 

2023 JUNE:   Showcase of BRAF Members' Artwork

This was truly an energizing exhibition of outstanding works by the area's finer artists.  The number of works purchased appeared to be reflective of the quality, creativity, and diversity presented.

2023 MAY:    Showcase of BRAF Members' Artwork

This was the 2023 show we had all eagerly been waiting for, an exhibition of new and diverse works by Foundation Members. The media included painting, photography, sculpture, ceramics, and mixed arts. The quality, creativity, and diversity presented in this year's show should not fail to delight anyone.

2023 APRIL:   BRAF Annual Boothbay Regional Student Art Show

Once again BRAF hosted an exhibition of the truly fun, inspiring, and "above and beyond" works by regional K through 12th-grade students. The educators organized the show that clearly illustrated the talent of the students and teachers alike.  Central to BRAF's mission is encouraging and supporting the artistic interest and talent of the area youth through financial aid scholarships and exhibitions.  If you wish to support these non-profit BRAF endeavors, please consider donating or volunteering your time or talents.


2023 February/March:  MAINELY NUDE - A celebration of the human form

BRAF's 2023 first show certainly lived up to all expectations. The Opening Reception was enjoyed by a throng of attendees admiring and enjoying the many works honoring the human form, some whimsical and some stunningly executed.  Sarah Wilde and Rick Dickinson shared the People's Choice Award although the close voting was illustrious of the variety and quality of the submissions.  Congratulations to all the artists who participated and a thank you to all of you who visited.

John Dickinson

Sarah Wilde



The Boothbay Region Art Foundation (BRAF) Gallery Opened the 2022 “Art in the Square Exhibition” on Nov. 19, 2022 where “It’s hip to be square.” All squares (12"x12") were priced at $125, and the exhibition was open to all professionals or amateur artists of all ages who wanted to call on their imaginations to paint, draw, glue, print, cut, weave, or whatever on 144 square inches of empty space.Each square purchased provided $50 for BRAF's Scholarship Fund and the annual BRAF Pre-K thru grade 12 Spring Student Art Show. 

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